LB 22U Network Rack 600X600

LIGHT BREEZE Standard Network Rack, 22U Model Name: LB 22U Network Rack 600X600 Model: Number: LB- Standard: Server Rack LB 600X600 Comply with ANSI/EIA,  RS-310-D, DIN41497 part 1, IEC297-2, DIN41494 part 7, GB/T3047.2-92 ETSI Standard

Brand: Light Breeze
Warranty: 12 Month


Front & Rear Door Feature:

Toughened glass front door with small round vented whole & arc-shaped door border;

Hexagonal reticular high-density vented plate rear door;

The ventilated rate is 75%;

Front & rear doors are free solder reinforcement structure, elegant and sturdy;

Front and rear door with elegant lock;

Rear and front can be changed to double door;


Mounting profile & mounting angle;

Fingerprint resistant aluminum zinc plate;

The rest; SPCC cold rolled steel;

Thickness: mounting profile 2.0mm mounting angle 1.5mm others 1.2mm

Surface Finish:

Degreasing, pickling, phosphoric, powder coated.

Loading capacity:

Static loading: 800 KG

Degree of protection:



RAL9004 black

Product specification:

22U, 32U, 42U

Width: 600,800

Depth: 600,800,1000,1200